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Well, hello there!

I'm Jeanette, business and life coach, and welcome, you are definitely in the right place! 

My guess is that you want to change something in life. Within yourself. In a relation. In your professional role. Perhaps you feel that you want to act in a different way or take charge of something you keep putting off. Maybe you know exactly what to do to achieve what you want to achieve or reach that goal, but you don't seem to be able to fully commit which results in you staying where you are, not moving that needle in your life. Feeling frustrated and a bit 'meh'. Perhaps someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my videos, quotes or articles online. Whatever path you took, I’m really glad you’re here. 


I am a coach specialising in goalsetting, leadership (including self-leadership) and performance, using a straight-talking and honest Scandinavian approach, to make you feel better and achieve more. 


Let's create the life you want. Together. Personally and professionally. Let's be brave, structured and focussed - and I promise you that you can have that life. Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand along the way and cheer from the side-lines, with a damn good winning plan! 

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(don't just take my word for it)

“Jeanette has worked with me and my team member to help them improve their confidence and, as a result, gain a richer understanding of their role. She has such an approachable and professional style. She made a three-way meeting between me, my team member and herself, very relaxed and open. This led to the team member not only making huge progress in their role but also working on their self-confidence. For me, it opened up the channels of communication with them.


Jeanette is professional, insightful, and with bags of leadership coaching experience. I would not hesitate to use her services again."

Monika Graham

Assistant Director, Strategic Programme Management

Oxford Brookes University

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