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Positive energy + champion + (self) leadership & life coach for those who want personal and professional success


I take a Nordic and straightforward approach to living your best life and providing the best leadership. To yourself and/or your team. 

I understand the language of success, great leadership, a winning mentality and having a positive limitless mindset. 

Imagine you planning your next steps to your next goal or achievement, working out what you actually want and need with a clear plan to achieve just that. With someone who is in your corner and can give you all the tools and pep-talk needed to get you there. 

I am so much more than a coach, I am also a leadership mentor, life strategist, accountability person, personal development guide, professional growth facilitator, (self)leadership advisor, change catalyst, booster friend, cheer-leader. Call me what you want as long as you understand how I can help you, and that may require a chat as it is not always black and white, so ping me an message and let's have a totally non-committal online chat to work out how you feel and what you need, how I can help and jointly agree if we are a fit or not. What's the worst that can happen? We get to meet a new person! Win win. 



(captured beautifully via a recent Brainz Magazine interview)


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